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Gascloud Pre-Enrollment System
Reliable, easy to use
Enrollment Form

Online Enrollment Forms

Our custom fit online enrolment forms will make it easy and convenient for your new or existing students to pre-enroll into your institution accessible through PC or mobile devices.

Online Submission of Requirements

Streamline the process of your enrollment by accepting requirements in digital format especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Manage Enrollment Data

Manage enrollment data and view the statistics of incoming enrollees anytime, anywhere.

Online Payment Integration

We integrate online acceptance of payment such as Credit Cards, Paypal, Pay Maya, Gcash and selected banks for a minimal fee.

Step 1:
Entry of Personal Information
Use easy to fill-out personal information forms for both the students and parents or guardians information
Eliminate the process of filling-out forms on paper during enrollment period
Data are stored in a secure and state-of-the-art online cloud server
Entry of Personal Information
Requirements Submission
Step 2:
Requirements Submission
Accept admission requirements in digital format
Easy and convenient way of uploading digital files through PC or mobile devices
Easily manage the requirements acceptance using admin management portal
Step 3:
Payment Details
Payment schedule is custom fit to meet the requirements of your school
Provide payment instructions for enrollment fees
Acceptance of online payment such as Credit Card, Paypal, Pay Maya, Gcash, etc, (optional per institution)
Payment Details
Final Confirmation
Step 4:
Final Confirmation
User will receive a confirmation of successful submission with reference number in downloadable or printable format
Online validation to prevent multiple submission per student
Sample Templates