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Student Monitoring App
Talā is a powerful, simple and cost-effective mobile solution that ensures efficient and effective communication between the School, Teachers and Parents. The Parents can receive instant updates from the School regarding the child’s daily activities, attendance, academic performance and statement of account through the use of mobile phones with mobile data or Wi-Fi.

The mobile app makes it easy for the School to update the Parents with what is happening at their child’s school. The Parents will receive notifications from the School or the teacher of their child regarding announcements, events, important messages and assignments at any time and any place.

Benefits for the School

Managing a school involves a lot of tasks which require extra time and efforts from both the school management and the faculty. Talā school mobile app aims to simplify the communication process and ease the workload of school administrator by bringing all the stakeholders – the school, the teachers, and the parents on a single platform.

Talā enables faster, easier and smoother communication between school and parents which results in an increased parental engagement which in turn contributes toward student success. It is the new era school management app which helps the School manage many activities from anywhere, anytime.


Custom designed mobile app for the school that the parents can then download for FREE from the Apple and Android App stores.


The school can publish and send out notifications in bulk about upcoming events, examination schedules, circulars & more.


The school administrator can view a variety of student attendance reports such as class attendance, daily attendance, and monthly attendance. These reports help in monitoring student attendance in several ways.


Get actionable real-time insights regarding students’ attendance, academic performance and statement of account.


The School will be able to post update and send alerts or reminders regarding the latest statement of account (SOA) of the child.


Talā can help save time, resources and reduce manual workload on Teachers and School Administrators.

Benefits for the Teachers

Talā connects teachers with parents all through a single app. Teachers can check attendance using Talā School Management Portal accessible through mobile or laptop easily, without any paperwork. The student attendance tool has been developed keeping teachers in mind, with a view to make their work easier and let them focus more on what matters - teaching.

The mobile app can also be used as a grade book and teachers can easily upload students’ academic performance. By continuously being in touch with the parents, the teacher can work together with them and focus on every student's needs. Additionally, the teachers can also clear parent’s doubts or answer their queries and even inform the parents about the achievements of their child.

Using the app, the teachers can actively engage parents to participate more in their child’s academic activities, on a daily basis. This helps bridge the gap between teachers and parents and together the two can effectively collaborate and focus on improving student outcome. The mobile app has a lot to offer to the teachers as it reduces their daily hassle and workload, both inside and outside the classroom.


The student attendance tool has been developed keeping teachers in mind, with a view to make their work easier and let them focus more on what matters - teaching.


Teachers don’t need hours to compile student attendance reports. Teachers can generate various configurable data for reports such as SF2 in merely a few clicks.


Teachers can broadcast a message or important notice to all the parents at once or to selected parents with the Talā School Management Portal. The Teacher can create various messages or notification as a reminder for assignments, materials needed, class activities, etc..


Teachers can easily upload student’s daily academic activities using the Talā School Management Portal. Using the student grade book, the teachers can generate various configurable reports in merely a few clicks away.

Benefits for the Parents

Parents often find it difficult to find the time to speak to teachers directly. Phone calls must be scheduled ahead of time to ensure that both parties can talk, which may not be practical for many working families and teachers. Online communication enables teachers to provide relevant inputs on a class or a per student basis, which can be accessed and tracked by Parents on their own time.

Adopting mobile technology means that parents can receive updates regarding their children’s academic status. Our Mobile App is a system where parents receive inputs, say, if their child fails to turn in an assignment or receives a fail grade on an exam. This would essentially provide immediate and confirmed delivery through our in app notifications and messages providing timely information to the parents to intervene. This would act as a control mechanism spurring parental involvement and make parents more aware of the struggles their child faces on a daily basis.


Parents get notified instantly when the teacher marks student’s attendance, record written tests and performance tasks, assignments, post reminders and more.


The news feed shows relevant messages or articles from the school whether it is a circular, an announcement, a newsletter or an important message from the teacher.


Parents can access their child’s attendance based on daily class schedule and get an attendance report on the absences and tardiness in each class. These reports help in monitoring the child’s daily attendance.


Parents are notified of student’s daily performance in written test, performance task, assignments, etc. giving them timely information to intervene.


Parents will receive alerts / reminders regarding the latest state of account (SOA) of the child. Parents will be able to view latest SOA, receive alerts of incoming due date and review payment history.


Parents can communicate either with the school or the teachers with their child using the in-app messenger. Parents can raise concerns, have their doubts cleared or simply inform the concerned authority, on the go.