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Learning Management System
Gascloud’s LMS provides the teachers with an easy-to-use solution to create and deliver modules online and manage the learners. It has intuitive tools to design, schedule, manage and blend self-paced activities, as well as live virtual classes, in one place.

A single platform where teachers can create and manage course content, combining self-paced activities and live virtual class sessions. Teachers can plan schedules and management deadlines for module completion. Use various types of learning resources, quizzes and educational activities.
Diverse Content Options for
Diverse Learning Styles
Not everyone learns the same way. There are three to four generally recognized learning styles, including:

Visual Learners

Learning by seeing graphics or images

Auditory learners

Learning by listening and speaking

Written learners

Learning by reading and writing

Kinesthetic learners

Learning by performing an action or task

With Gascloud's LMS, you can create modules for each of these learning types. Videos, MP3 files, written documents, and recorded virtual classes are just a few of the options our LMS can offer.

The teachers can tailor-fit the educational experience by creating modules that will work best to the learning style of their students. It makes the module more effective, helping learners retain information they can use to improve their knowledge and skills.
Online Virtual Classes
with Recording Capability
Unable to conduct face-to-face classes due to COVID-19? Our LMS provides tools for the teachers to create virtual classes online for synchronous and asynchronous delivery. Online virtual class provides an online learning environment that allows live interaction between the teacher and the learners as they participate in learning activities.
Teachers can schedule online virtual classes through an enterprise video conference software integrated into the LMS. Online whiteboard allows the teacher to deliver an online class that promotes real-time collaboration. The teacher has an option to record the virtual class and has full control of who can access it on a specific date and time.
Online Virtual Class
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Secure Online Testing
and Monitoring
Are you worried about administering an online test? Our LMS offers a secure testing environment that promotes academic integrity.
Our LMS requires the learner to stay within the test page and the system automatically detects whenever the learner is trying to access outside resources or applications such as Google, messaging, screen sharing app, etc.. Questions and choices are being feed in random order to prevent cheating during exams. Copying and pasting anything to or from an exam is prevented.
for Knowledge Retention
Well-designed assignments are one of the best ways to gauge participation and memory retention. Learners could submit a writing sample or upload results to a performance tasks. It can be a heavier workload for the teachers, but if they’re up for it, these types of assignments can be a great way to increase memory retention.
All these methods add an interactive layer to the teaching pedagogy (this works especially well for kinesthetic learners). Teachers also help ensure learners are paying attention and committed to learning, not just getting through the module for completion.
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Accessible in
Tablets and Mobile Phones
Gascloud's LMS employs a Responsive Web Design (RWD). This approach provides an optimal viewing and interaction experience - easy reading and navigation across different types of devices such as desktop computers, laptops, tablets and mobile smartphones. This allows learners to choose from a wide range of available devices especially when devices are being shared among siblings within the family.
Teachers and learners can communicate inside the LMS without the use of external channels. The learner can receive important announcements, reminders, updates, and any other communication coming from the teachers all in one place.
Calendar will keep the learners informed about upcoming events, sessions and deadlines – the system sends automated notifications and reminders about all the learner’s events, tasks and activities.